When you want to empower yourself with the aura of luxury and quality, Kathleen's handwoven leather and suede SHORT JACKETS, FINGER TIP JACKETS, TUNICS and LONG COATS are just the ticket.  The rolling feel, and rich earth toned colors of this specialty handwoven fabric adds an extra bit of panache to the classic lines and shapes of Kathleen's clothing designs.

* SAFARI weave FINGERTIP JACKET is pictured to the right.

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Kathleen creates these unique handwoven art pieces from carefully selected and specialty cut strips of apparel weight leather.  The blending of subtle and shiny lengths of leather and suede, with an array of complimentary yarn, allows for a weave that is surprisingly lightweight and quite flexible.

The woven leather fabrics are used on the body of the coats and jackets. Complimentary yarn based woven fabrics are used for the arms.

These art pieces require multiple lengths of Kathleen's handwoven leather fabrics and are available as a specialty custom order only. 


These eye catching jackets flow and shimmer when you walk. Strips of suede and leather are worked into Kathleen's handwoven fabric with Swedish Rya knots. These knots are similar to what is used to create Oriental Rugs.  Fringe Jackets can be made in any length and come in most any color, and are fully interfaced and lined. These garments are sophisticated fashion fun that look great paired with jeans or a short skirt, slacks or a long skirt.


Woven Leather items are highly suitable for cool weather wear. FINGERTIP JACKETS, TUNICS, and LONG COATS can all serve as outerwear. Woven Leather apparel is fully interfaced and lined.


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