Kathleen's asymmetrical vests are an easy-to-wear, all purpose piece of clothing, that makes you look great no matter what your flaws!  This garment is designed to cover your fanny and stomach, softening the appearance of body curves with an elegant drape of cloth.  Kathleen playfully calls this “dressing to disguise”.


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Kathleen’s VESTS are fully interfaced and lined, and offer maximum comfort and durability.  They pack well and are perfectly suited to the versatility required of travel oriented clothing.

Kathleen's VESTS are accented with a button and satin tassel. 

The VEST pictured below features front panels made from contrasting, yet complimentary, handwoven fabrics.

VESTS are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes. 

Average Vest Length: 24”- 25”

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