This SHORT JACKET was fashioned from Kathleen's signature WOVEN LEATHER fabric.

This handwoven design features all the best characteristics of Kathleen's stylish clothing.  Constructed to comfortably and elegantly accommodate the human body, this design is cut loosely which makes it imminently suitable for pairing with a dress, skirt or pants.  The “lightly tailored” overtones, set in sleeves, and shoulder pads, provide a sense of structure that make this item perfect for business wear.  Those same design features make the piece so comfortable that you will want to wear your SHORT JACKET for casual events as well. 


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The detailing in Kathleen's SHORT JACKET design makes them readily adaptable for daytime or evening wear.

Kathleen designs with an eye towards blending colors and weave patterns in a manner that flatters facial features and creates a vertical (think thinning!) silhouette.

Necklines of the Short Jackets play a major role in the stylistic feel of the design.  CLICK HERE to see Kathleen's flattering neckline options.

The SHORT JACKET to the right features a SWEETHEART NECKLINE, and is embellished with metallic floral appliques.

Average Short Jacket Length: 23"- 25"