These Kathleen Weir-West signature pieces reflect her remarkable tailoring skills.  They are portfolio pieces from past years.

Kathleen's designs are unusually comfortable.  In part, this is due to her custom tailoring which sizes the garment to your unique body.  Very few of us are a “...simple small, medium or large”.  Kathleen says we are “...a combo of sizes” and forms her clothing to reflect the uniqueness of our bodies.  Kathleen works with a wonderful seamstress, Linda, who has an extensive background in European tailoring, and theatrical costume design.  Between Kathleen's luxuriously supple weaves and wonderfully versatile designs, and Linda's vast treasure trove of tailoring skills, these garments will flow around your curves and accommodate your activity with incredible grace. 


Kathleen maintains a large inventory of her signature fine art clothing line.  She may already have just what you want, in your size.  You can quickly find out by sending her an email, or contacting her at  828-698-0165.  If Kathleen will be making a piece just for you, she will need some information.  Please follow the 'at home' body measurement instructions below.

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* Kathleen's creations are made in sizes ranging from 2 - 18.  Petite sizing from minus 2 - 0 is available upon request.  Plus sizes are also available upon request.


NOTE:  All measurements should be taken standing tall, looking straight ahead, and with feet together.  You may find it easier with someone to assist you.  Please use a tape measure rather than a ruler!

Neck:  Measure the circumference of the middle of your neck.

Neck-To-Waist:  Start at the bone at the base of the neck that protrudes when you tilt the head forward, and measure straight down the back to your natural waist (at the navel).

Sleeve:  Your arm should be straight, but relaxed, at the side of your body.  Start at your shoulder/arm joint, and continue down the outside of your arm to 1” below your wrist bone.

Bust:  Measure the circumference of the fullest part of your bust.

Midsection:  Measure the circumference of your ribcage at the top of the diaphragm, just below your bust.

Waist:  Measure the circumference of your natural waist (at the navel).  (NOT where some pants & skirts are worn these days!)

Hip:  Measure the circumference at the widest point the fullest part of your hips, across your buttocks.

Hem:  Measure hem length for all jacket styles from under arm to desired finished hem length.

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QUESTIONS?  Kathleen will be glad to answer them!  Contact her via email or call her (Eastern Standard Time) at: 828-698-0165