Kathleen creates home décor accents with the same sense of high style that distinguishes her signature clothing line.  Her elegantly detailed designer pillows showcase the beautiful colors and patterns of her handwoven fabrics, and are a luscious delight to handle with their soft, supple texture. 

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These fine art pillows can be made to a variety of size specifications, and are polyfiber or down filled. 


The pillows pictured above, feature Kathleen's unique WOVEN LEATHER.  These highly textured pillows are eye catching accents from a distance, and are impossible to resist touching.

These pillows feature Chinese Coins and Carved Bead Tassels.

Kathleen's bold, rich decor items have the appeal of rare, old world artistry and are highly appealing to both men and women.


Kathleen has an exquisite eye for detail which shines in her shoulder bags.  Each purse is fronted with a bit of Kathleen's attention catching "Bling", and most have free swinging black satin tassels that dance as you walk along.  These delightful accent items will dress up any outfit, and move easily from a casual to a dressy situation.

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Kathleen's purses are approximately 7 x 9" in size, and perfect for carrying ones necessities.  They are fully interfaced and lined, which allows them to hold their shape and gives them wonderful durability.  There is a small interior change pocket, and most of the bags feature a sizable exterior back pocket. 


The closure of a Kathleen Weir-West purse is made with a heavy duty snap, and the shoulder length strap is fashioned from black satin twist cording.


For more information about Kathleen's pillows and purses, please contact her by clicking on the image below.