Inspired by European Walking Suits, these handwoven FINGERTIP JACKETS are action and style combined.  The most business oriented design in Kathleen's line, these jackets are made with comfort and practicality in mind, and feature deep all purpose pockets.  The cut of the design, and the quality of Kathleen's handwoven fabric, assure a well hanging garment that will hold its shape and pack well.  Crisp, elegant details have international cultural overtones and make for a very stylish power statement.  Kathleen's FINGERTIP JACKETS are the ultimate in wearable art designed for the business world!


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FINGERTIP JACKETS look great paired with slacks or jeans, and a long or short skirt.  High and low necked shirts are both a comfortable match with this design.  A variety of NECKLINE OPTIONS allows you to have a jacket that is perfectly styled for you.

Kathleen's WOVEN LEATHER fabrics, pictured in the FINGERTIP JACKET below, are beautifully showcased when paired with this design.  The long strips of leather and rich yarn patterning combine to create an eye-catching look from a distance, and rich complexity up close.   

FINGERTIP JACKETS are fully interfaced and lined.  They pack well, are great travel attire. 

Average Fingertip Jacket Length: 29”- 32”