Each of Kathleen's designs is handwoven and tailored – one at a time!  When you order one of these wearable art garments you have many features to choose from.  The length, color and finishing details are custom designed to meet your needs and desires, resulting in a one-of-a-kind artwork created just for you.  The galleries below showcase the variety of design options Kathleen offers.


Kathleen's handwoven fabrics are all blends. She typically works with 5-7 yarns per blend, looking for a distinctive balance of matte and shiny fibers, muted and radiant colors, and flat and tantalizing textures. Each blend is specific to the customers desired yarn type, color choice and preferred pattern.

Hand Woven Fabric, Kathleen Weir-West 1

Kathleen's handwoven fabrics are complex fields of color, pattern and texture.  The intricacy of the color allows the fabric to read differently up close versus far away.  From a distance the two weaves at the right appear as quite subtle, and up close they are kaleidoscopic.

Gold and Coral toned POINT TWILLS.


This is a subtle and versatile weave.  You can see this weave worked in a large range of colors throughout this website.

* Gold and Coral toned POINT TWILLS

Blue on Blue, and White on Black COLUMNS.


The long  figure flattering lines of Kathleen's clothing designs are accentuated by this classic weave.  Kathleen's rich use of color highlights the textural qualities of this very supple weave.

* Blue on Blue, and White on Black COLUMNS

Gold and Black & White PATTERNING.


Kathleen's often uses a Patterned Weave in combination with Columns or Twill Point. The Patterning is used to emphasize bodices, cuffs and hems. These graphic looking weaves are an intricate world of color subtlety when viewed up close.

* Gold and Black/White PATTERNING

Black & Red to White, and Bronze to Black GRADATIONS.


The silhouettes of Kathleen's apparel are striking.  This is accentuated with her fabrics that feature color transitions.  Tri-Color clothing is made with two different Gradation of Color fabrics.

* Black to Red to White, and Bronze to Black GRADATIONS

WOVEN LEATHER comes in a full range of colors.


Strips of clothing weight leather and suede are interwoven with yarns in Kathleen's signature weave.  Light and color seem to flow around apparel made with these distinctive fabrics.  Be sure to see Kathleen's WOVEN LEATHER gallery.

* WOVEN LEATHER comes in a full range of colors.



Kathleen's handwoven clothing designs are made with a variety of face and figure flattering necklines.  All of the necklines are suited to wearing with or without a visible shirt.  The full interfacing and lining of this clothing assures that the clean elegant sweep of these necklines are comfortable, and will hold their shape for years.

* Click on images to view full screen.

Woven Leather Jackets with Jewel  Necklines.


This versatile look is all occasion friendly.  It loves crew neck sweaters and turtlenecks, making it cozy winter wear.  Yet it is equally eye catching paired with a camisole, and that makes it a year round item.  The simplicity of this neckline lets the pattern of the woven fabric shine.


This series of necklines is a testimony to the very high quality tailoring inherent in Kathleen's apparel. The curves are crisp and clean, and rest with ease against ones neck. The blue jacket on the left has a REGULAR V NECK.  The black middle jacket is adorned with LINDA'S LACE and has a RAISED V NECK which is cut a bit lower in the back and sides, which opens the neckline a little bit more, and thus shows off a necklace or pendant better.  The two toned jacket on the right has a RAISED COLLAR which is the highest neckline.


Pair this neckline with your favorite necklace and make an unforgettable fashion statement!  It is designed to showcase jewelry, and the wearers face, framing both in sweeping feminine curves.

The blue jacket to the right pairs LINDA'S LACE with the Sweetheart Neckline.  The black jacket is adorned with metal toned floral appliques.


“I don't skimp on pockets!”  Kathleen loves deep pockets and can always add inside pockets to her handwoven garments.


One of Kathleen's special design touches is the addition of leather or suede appliques to her handwoven apparel.  These dramatic notes come in three styles, and are punctuated with Chinese coins and agate beads.  Appliques adorn the front of many of Kathleen's designs, and can also be found on the back of her longer garments. There are several applique styles. Pictured here: THE SHADOW BOX. THE KEYHOLE. THE INTERWEAVE.



This confetti like celebration of color is created with assorted yarns and ribbons, and is networked together with sewn lines.  LINDA'S LACE adorns the front top,  back top, shoulders, and outside forearm areas of the garments.

The image above shows a super close up detail shot, a detail shot and the application of the lace to the SWING COAT that it is on.

Linda's Lace is a gorgeous addition to any of Kathleen's handwoven clothing designs.  It is pictured above, paired with a black jacket with a RAISED V neckline, and paired with a deep blue jacket with a SWEETHEART neckline.  Linda's Lace is made in a full range of colors.



The details on Kathleen's wearable art pieces are as gorgeous as her weaving.  Decorative panels on the front and back of the garments, made from suede, leather and applique work, add a touch of continental flare to her chic apparel.  The front decorative panel often frames the garments closure, which she fashions from her large “bling” collection of agate, jade, onyx, carved wood, glass bead and Chinese coin buttons.  Kathleen selects and creates her finishing details with extreme care for the aesthetics and wearability of her pieces.

Business Suits, Handwoven Apparel, Kathleen Weir-West

QUESTIONS?  Kathleen will be glad to answer them!  Contact her via email or call her (Eastern Standard Time) at: 828-698-0165